Wholesale Electric CMMS Division’s Construction Materials Management
System (CMMS)

Around the world, organizations are facing difficult global economic challenges in the building of new facilities. There is demand for continuous improvement in the productivity, profitability and quality control of construction projects of all sizes.

That’s why Wholesale Electric CMMS provides customers with customized, state-of-the-art, web-based systems, backed by dedicated human capital and onsite assets. Customers have complete management of electrical materials that is more efficient, enhances field productivity, is more cost effective, and requires less infrastructure from them.

Supply Chain Management: CMMS links together the participants in the electrical materials supply chain including engineering, purchasing, accounting, construction management and vendors.  • Logistics Management: CMMS enables the management of procurement, sourcing, warehousing, inventory, delivery, and onsite distribution.  • Reporting: Customers can track progress online and get custom reports in real time, any time.

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On-Site Conex Job Trailer

With material invoiced to the project ONLY after release to your workers, this means that you save on inventory investment cost and material surplus is reduced.  Conex Job Trailers are scalable for  any size project and are custom  built to your job site needs.  Cost savings come from:

Reduced direct costs by eliminating:
• Inventory investment
• Need for backup inventory
• Surplus inventory

Efficiency/productivity improvements:
• Job-specific material & commodities stocked on jobsite
• Continuous work on jobsite

  • Custom Stocked
    Materials itemized in the CMMS electronic catalog are bar-coded and fully stocked, including tape, cable ties, hardware and other commodities. Inventory is tracked and released using an iPad and scanner that are also supplied.
  • Custom Built
    Standard 10-ft, 20-ft and 40-ft containers are customized to your needs. Each is wind and water-tight to protect contents.
  • On-Site Conex Manager
    Each trailer is managed by on-site personnel who could be a Wholesale Electric employee or the client’s.
  • Replenishment
    Replenishment is done automatically through the CMMS system. The Wholesale Electric project coordinator:

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ISO 9001

Customer expectations are growing as they are becoming more sophisticated and better informed. For any business, the only way to meet and exceed those expectations is to offer a commitment to quality by using a well planned and documented quality management system (QMS) such as ISO 9001. ISO certification is part of Wholesale Electric’s ongoing Quality Improvement Process instituted more than two decades ago. Customers benefit from these efforts toward total quality management principals, integrated quality: quality that permeates every area of the company, from sales representatives and office personnel to managers. In 1992, Wholesale Electric Supply Co. of Houston, Inc. was the first North American electrical supply company to achieve the internationally recognized quality standards of ISO certification.

Wholesale Electric Supply Co. of Houston, Inc., and other branches as listed on the certificate, holds Certificate No: FM 65495
and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope:

Warehousing, Sales and Delivery of Electrical Equipment

Originally Registered: 08/11/1997

  • Last Issue: 11/26/2012
  • Expire Date: 01/09/2016

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