CMMS History & Timeline

For over 65 years, the Wholesale Electric Supply name has been synonymous with quality electrical supplies and the highest level of customer service. From our beginnings in 1949 in a small metal building on the fringes of downtown Houston, we’ve become a leader in the electrical distribution industry, serving industrial and commercial markets worldwide.

  • Timeline.CMMS-CreatedCMMS CREATED

    Wholesale begins Construction Material Management
    with the Eastman Kodak job in Kingsport, TN.

  • isoISO

    First Electrical Distributor to receive ISO Certification

  • cable-managmentCMS

    Cable Management System Created

  • Computer-based-CMMSComputer-Based CMMS

    Wholesale creates the computer-based CMMS System

  • Timeline.indep_.cmms-divIndependent CMMS Division

    Wholesale creates an independent CMMS Division.

  • Wholesale-Begins-CMMS-System1st Internet-Based CMMS

    CMMS the system is re-engineered to be the first
    internet based module in the industry.

  • Timeline.globalGLOBAL

    Launches Global Initiative

  • DubaiWholesale Expands

    Opens R & M Wholesale Electric in Dubai, UAE

  • AustraliaWholesale Expands

    Wholesale Expands to Pacific Rim with Partnership in Australia

  • Timeline.DocumentationDocumentation

    Electronic Project Documentation is added to CMMS

  • jv-canadaCMMS Canada

    Opened CMMS Canada in Kitimat, BC

  • jv-ausCMMS Australia

    Opened CMMS Australia in Gladstone, QLD

  • Iraq-FlagCMMS Iraq

    Wholesale Expands: Partners with Siraj Naybur
    in Basrah, Iraq

  • Dubai-City_2014Wholesale Expands

    Opens R & M Wholesale Electric in Abu Dhabi, UAE