Wholesale Electric’s advanced Business Continuity

Plan supports branch operations and employees in the event of a disaster.


Emergency Backup Power Generation

We have natural gas backup power generation located at several key branch locations, including our corporate office. Two trailer mounted 100KW portable generators are also maintained and ready for immediate deployment to any branch that loses electricity.

Enterprise Computing

Our Internet based computing environment is designed to ensure 24/7/365 system availability, including complete system redundancy. Our IT hardware is housed in two separate Tier 3 co-location facilities ensuring we are operational in any disaster scenario.


Inventory items such as cable, connectors, lugs and panels and breakers critical to restoring power to offices and manufacturing facilities are stocked in much greater quantities.


Wholesale maintains its own fleet of delivery trucks, portable gas and diesel containers as well as potable water containers. In the event of a disaster we can mobilize quickly to supply and resupply inventory, water, fuel, food and other necessities that are limited, rationed or unavailable in the affected area.