CMMS-Construction Material Management

Around the world, organizations face difficult challenges when building new facilities. At Wholesale Electric Supply, we understand global economics dictate you to continuously improve your productivity, profitability and quality control. That’s why we provide customers with state-of-the-art systems that manage the materials required for your projects more efficiently, cost effectively and with less infrastructure.

Wholesale Electric Supply’s internet-based Construction Materials Management System (CMMS) provides services designed to reduce the total installed cost of your project. CMMS links engineering, purchasing, construction, accounting, vendors and other critical functions to manage the procurement, warehousing, delivery and reporting of material for construction projects worldwide.

Since its inception in 1979, Wholesale Electric’s CMMS System has been the electrical industry benchmark for material management services and been implemented on more than 350 projects totaling billions of dollars of capital expenditures in both domestic and international locations. CMMS operates as a standalone business unit for Wholesale Electric, with its own facilities and personnel to deploy worldwide.

Project History

This ensures that profitability gains made along the way are carried through
from conception to operation! Some of our projects can be found in:


At CMMS, our reputation for excellence, our proven integrity and our depth of resources yield significant benefits that make your job easier and more cost effective.


Efficient Handling and Storage

Reduced Administrative Cost

Precision Tracking

Reduced Surplus

Enhanced Field Productivity

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Enhanced Control and Reporting

Reduced Material Costs

Simplified Work Planning


Regardless of your project’s scope, you can benefit from the innovative features offered by CMMS.

Inside Project Coordinator


Real Time System & Reports

Customer Access

IN-House Programmers

Field Project Coordinator

Document Control

Material Ordering Schedule Integration

Material Take-Offs

Onsite Trailer

Summary Billing

Cable Management

CMMS History & Timeline

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5 Step Process
Focus on Process Steps

At CMMS, our goal is to ensure that every project is completed on schedule, under budget and with minimum material surplus. Experience has shown that the most effective way to control project costs is to start at the very beginning of the project and carry those savings throughout every phase of construction. CMMS materials management process parallels the critical functions of the customer to maximize productivity and lower costs – from conception to operation.

Focus process steps



CMMS creates a Project Specific Electronic Catalog ensuring that the same material is used throughout the project. This avoids designing in long lead-time items and reduces the number of specialty items required.


The profitability and success of your project hinge on having the right material available in the correct quantities when they are needed. The unique combination of field construction experience and product knowledge allow use to produce accurate and detailed take-offs.


With CMMS, Construction can schedule material deliveries in work packages when and where they are needed. A CMMS Field Coordinator is available to work with your construction team, attend weekly planning meetings and coordinate procurement and delivery activities — anywhere in the world.


Electronic release of material on a just-in-time basis reduces project investment and field material management costs as well as material surplus.


Real-time, any-time access to the project file is available via our Internet-based system, making global project management easier and more efficient. CMMS’ configurable components allow customers to tailor our system to fit specific project and reporting requirements.

No recordable accidents on any job site!

Wholesale Electric Supply’s CMMS is proud to have no recordable accidents on any job-site. We treat safety as our business, too. All Field Personnel attend all Electrical Craft Safety Meetings and participate in all Job Safety Analysis programs.

  • Safety On & Off Job site
  • Monitoring of Functions
  • Safety Manuals
  • Our Record