Wholesale Electric Supply delivers efficient, customized solutions for any switchgear problem, designed to minimize system downtime and increase worksite productivity.

Our specialists deliver results fast; whether it’s bringing a down system back online or working with a manufacturer to make changes to its product line. Our expertise spans components from all major manufacturers, even those dating back to the 1960′s. We can assist you in designing new construction, renovating an existing system, solving a problem with a failed assembly and how to make existing products work in a retrofit. We can also assist in installing switchgear assemblies and can provide training for your staff in its operation to ensure the highest level of productivity possible.

Wholesale Electric has switchgear specialists on staff. When our customers have a switchgear problem, they call on us because they know we can take care of the problem quickly. It’s because we’ve been working with switchgear for more than 65 years. There just isn’t much that we haven’t seen or too many components we haven’t come across during this time.