Wholesale Electric Supply is a global provider of high-quality products and comprehensive services for the industrial and commercial markets. From our beginnings in 1949 to our now global company, we continue to focus on our customers.  Our experience proves our consistency for providing superior customer solutions to the world.  We continue to grow worldwide as well as right in our hometown, making sure all customers’ needs are fulfilled.

We are much more than a products supplier, Wholesale Electric Supply provides customized solutions and services designed to ensure that projects are completed on-time and within budget. We are distributors of quality electrical products serving the engineering, construction, petrochemical, commercial, OEM, and utility industries.


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Our Mission: Wholesale Electric Supply is dedicated to continual improvement for effective material management and fulfillment while meeting the needs of our partners.

Our Vision: Wholesale Electric Supply will define excellence in the electrical distribution industry and will continue to increase market share through ever evolving our operating efficiencies to exceed our partners’ needs and expectations.

Our Values:

Drive:  Be the best.
Agility:  Work hard and be flexible.
Service:  Focus on the customer.
Unity:  Trust and support each other.
Innovation:  Initiate the future. Anything is possible.