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" At Wholesale Electric, our goal is simple. We want to be sure our customers have the right material in the correct quantity at the lowest possible cost. Our team achieves this by purchasing components, managing material through the supply chain and providing various value added services per the customers' specific application."

John R. Fuller
Vice President, Business Development
Wholesale Electric Supply Co. of Houston, Inc. Co., Inc.

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Whether you provide turnkey process control solutions or private labeling components for the manufacturing industry, Wholesale Electric can support your needs with a comprehensive package of products and services that lower first cost, reduce inventory cycle time and increase productivity. For more than 50 years Wholesale Electric has supported the commercial, industrial and maintenance, repair and operations MRO markets with dedicated, technically trained professionals. Today, we bring that same dedication to the OEM industry.

In the case of many high-volume, low-cost components, administrative overheads equal or exceed the cost of the item. Wholesale Electric's team of material and supply chain specialists can assist you in reducing the final project cost by purchasing components, adding other hardware or software, assembling parts into a complete system and providing a finished product for your specific application.

The Right Equipment at the Right Price at the Right Time

Lowering Costs
Wholesale Electric believes the best way to reduce first cost is to have a thorough understanding of the product specification in order to identify potential items for cost savings. That understanding, coupled with strong alliances forged with our manufacturing partners, allows us to negotiate the most competitive price.

Nowhere is our range of capabilities better illustrated than in our ability to manage inventory. We understand that too much inventory is just as costly as not enough. Carrying costs associated with poor inventory management will shrink the bottom line as fast as lost productivity on the manufacturing floor. As we evaluate and understand your requirements, Wholesale Electric looks for ways to keep productivity high and to ensure that you have the correct material and quantities required for completing the project or maintaining the manufacturing process. One of our most powerful tools is our Internet-based Consignment Inventory System, which allows you to manage and replenish high volume, low-dollar items, giving buyers the time to concentrate on their primary objectives.

Preventing Problems Before They Happen
At Wholesale Electric, our goal is to prevent problems before they happen. We manage every link of the supply chain - upstream and downstream - using our proprietary internet-based operating systems.

We keep score by designing processed based on customer satisfaction. Each vendor is carefully evaluated and qualified before we sell their products and are provided with continuous feedback on their performance via our VISTA (Vendor Information Service and Tracking Accord) program. Customers receive instant feedback through on-line reports of key performance indicators.

As a certified ISO 9002 company, our focus is on continuous improvement. And our domestic and international products meet the standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), International Electro technical Commission (IEC) and Canadian Standard Association (CSA).

Let Wholesale Electric be your source for service, quality and reliability whenever you need the right product at the right price at the right time.

Wholesale Electric Supply Co. of Houston, Inc.

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